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Enterprise centres and hubs adopt a grass-roots approach to enterprise development in their local community. They are uniquely positioned in that they can be both responsive and flexible to local needs and conditions, while providing a nurturing and supportive environment for their clients – especially startups – within a community that facilitates networking and peer-learning in early stage business development.

Across the community, enterprise centres and hubs offer a support for the local economy – a go-to for information and advice including signposting to business development agencies and peer engagement for startups and the local SME community. These centres act as hubs of entrepreneurial activity in their area, promoting enterprise development, innovation and collaboration with the wider local economy to create jobs and sustained regional economic activity.

Our Members - NACEC

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Our membership base is drawn from across the regions, from dedicated community enterprise centres in rural towns and villages throughout Ireland to larger hubs in urban locations across the country. Whatever the size, function or purpose of the centre or hub, we welcome membership from any entity that is dedicated to promoting and driving enterprise development and economic prosperity for the community. The essence of our membership base is collaboration; where we work together to actively promote the #HomeHubHQ approach to flexible working across Ireland so as to accelerate the economic recovery of our regions – #BuildingBackBetter.

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Our Members - NACEC

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