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To become a member of NACEC you must fulfil the following criteria:

You must be an enterprise support facility (community or university based) such as an Enterprise, Innovation or Technology Centre, Digital Hub, Incubator, Accelerator, Coworking Hub, Hot Desk Centre etc.

You must have a primary remit to support, promote and drive economic and enterprise development.

You must be working collaboratively with local government, state agencies, education & training providers and business groups to support start-ups and SME’s in your local area and / or wider region,

You must be a NOT-FOR-PROFIT (NFP) legal entity in the form of a CLG, DAC, Registered Charity or similar.

If you meet all of the above, please fill in the application form below and submit it for review by our committee who will endeavour to respond within 7 working days.

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If you meet all of the above, please fill in the application form below and submit it for review by our committee who will endeavour to respond within 7 working days.

Membership Benefits Package

Membership of NACEC brings a multitude of benefits to you, your team and your enterprise centre, hub or one of the many other types of flexible working spaces emerging as the world of remote working continues to go from strength to strength.  We at NACEC are keen to support you as you navigate this changing world and we can do this in a number of different ways:

  • Your enterprise centre / hub will be represented at national government level so that all new government strategies, policies and funding programmes are designed to take the needs and ambition of our community into account
  • You and your team will form part of a national framework that connects and intersects across communities and regions, enabling you to positively influence economic growth, prosperity and investment opportunities for your own region
  • You can promote your enterprise centre / hub within the Members Directory of our website where you can showcase the full range of services on offer
  • You can access our Members Directory which will make it easier for you to connect with your peers around the country
  • You can take advantage of the benefits of our Group Purchasing Schemes
  • You can avail of our Members News area to promote your centre / hub
  • You can avail of the dedicated Members News section in our monthly E-zine where you can promote your work, share your success stories or profile your centre / hub

  • You can promote your upcoming events using our Members Network where we all work together to support each other
  • You can participate in our Community Platform for knowledge sharing and problem solving
  • You can attend regular Member Meetups for support and learning from other members
  • You can access our Resource Centre (policies, procedures, templates and other material)
  • You can attend webinars, workshops and guest lectures
  • You can avail of professional development and other training and learning programmes at a discounted rate
  • You can post job opportunities on your team or from your tenant companies
  • You can access an emerging network where we will facilitate peer-to-peer and mentor-to-mentee relationships
  • You will have preferential access to funding opportunities across EU Project Consortia
  • You will have access to best in class practices as we continually research emerging trends and practices around the world.

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